Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

On the way through to India, I stopped off in Kuala lumpur for a day: a chaotic city filled with people that are incredibly warm & welcoming. The air was thick with the smell of clove cigarrettes and the heat bordered on unbearable as I explored it’s curious mix of modernity & antiquity. The city is littered with many beautiful, new skyscrapers which loom over the fractal back alleys and open-air meat markets of Chow Kit and the like.

I was glad to have made the effort to check it out but after hiking around the city in an almost perpetual state of sweat all day I felt immense pity for the poor souls seated next to me on the flight to Hyderabad.

Some ruins found in the city centre benath the KL Tower Seeking refuge from the heat near Merdeka square
The KL Tower stands tall over the city A crowded store somewhere in the city centre
Street art found outside a bar in the Bukit Bintang district